Here we have a beautiful 1974 Travis Bean TB2000 Bass. These bass guitars truly live up to their name as it plays and sounds amazing. The 1st thing you’ll notice is its striking looks as the premium Koa wood used on these instruments was extraordinary.

This particular instrument is amongst the very first that was ever built sporting a very low serial number of 34 and has one of the most beautifully figured pieces of Koa wood we have ever seen on any of these instruments. The other interesting feature is that the frets were leveled down flush with the fretboard thereby creating an amazing fretless bass while maintaining all fret markers to easily find your place along the neck. Once you plug it in and begin to play, your ears will pop open and your jaw will just drop to the floor as this bass really kicks through the mix.

Travis Bean was one of the first pioneers (along with John Veleno and Wandre Pioli) in designing metal neck guitars. Production began in 1974. He felt that greater stability would be gained by using machined aluminum instead of wood for the neck. Constant truss rod adjustments, warped necks, and expanding/contracting neck issues would be no more. This would be his vision for the future. The bottom line is by going with a neck-to-bridge solid metal design, he gained amazing sustain, percussive qualities, and a truly “live” response.

TB2000 was the standard bass. Made with Koa wood bodies. The basses have a bright woody tone, that seems to cut through the mix easily. There were special models of these made, including short-scale necks and fretless versions. 1020 TB2000 were produced.

This gorgeous TB2000 bass your looking at has been set up perfectly and comes packed in the original hard shell case which is specifically molded on the interior for a perfect fit. Grab this beauty soon as you’ll never play any other bass guitar as alive and punchy as this one.

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