The first distinguishing feature of the Ibanez Musician Series is the striking laminated construction. This is but one of the many state-of-the-art advancements incorporated into these fine guitars. 

This radical body construction dictated a rethinking of many of the components that go into modern electric guitars, from the pickups to the machine heads. 
Super 58 pickup is a marvel of power and fidelity, and the new pickup packaging eliminates sloppy mounts and misalignment. 

These new and unique instruments epitomize the Ibanez philosophy of bringing you the highest quality at a moderate cost. When you compare – feature for feature and dollar for dollar – there isn’t a guitar on the market that comes close to the Ibanez Musician Series. 


Laminated from maple and walnut, it runs the entire length of the instrument from the endpin to the top of the headstock. The neck is reinforced with an adjustable steel truss rod encapsulated in vinyl tubing to prevent rattles. 

Body: Mahogany (Core) & Ash (Top)
Neck: Maple & Walnut – 5ply Thru Body 
Machine Heads: Smooth Tuner 
Scale: 24¾” – 24 frets 
Pickups: Super 58 
Controls: 3 Way Toggle, 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 1 Tri Sound 
Bridge: Gibraltar 
Tailpiece: Gibraltar 
Control Knobs: Sure Grip 
Truss Rod Cover: Brass 
Hardware: Gold 
Finishes: DS (Dark Stained), FR (Fire Red) 

This guitar has been kept in excellent condition with only a few small finish chips that have been covered up by some matching touch up paint. It sounds amazing and plays great. Currently setup with new set of DR 10’s and the action is nice and low with absolutely no fret buzz. The dual action coil splitting pickups are a great feature and even allow for either pickup to be setup in humbucker or single coil play. Great solid built guitar with multiple tone configurations on the fly.